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Liebermann reagent is a common drug testing kit for crystals, powders or pills. Liebermann test is best for 2C-B, cocaine, DMT, ketamine, MDMA, meth/amphetamine, mephedrone, opioids and more.
The kit:‍

  • Indicates presence not quantity of substance

  • Get results in less than 3 minutes

  • Can be used for between 50-100 tests per bottle

  • Has a shelf life extended over 2 years

  • Contains a booklet with instructions and color chart

  • Comes with a results app for 800+ substances (optional)

Store reagents standing up and away from heat in a cool, dark place. The average shelf life of 2 years can be significantly extended by storing in a fridge (warm up to room temperature before use).
The Kit serves to detect the presence of a substance, not the purity or strength of it.
For a full analysis of your drugs, consult a drug checking service.


Liebermann reagent, absorbent vermiculite, a porcelain reaction plate, a spatula, gloves, instructions and access to the app.

One bottle contains:
10 ml crystals, for approx. 50-100 tests in total.
High quality HDPE and brown amber glass protect reagents from light, plastic and moisture to ensure prolonged shelf life.
Child-proof caps guarantee 0 spills.


1. Get all tools ready.
2. Open the PROtest results app and look for substance to check the expected result
3. Add small sample of substance to test onto the reaction plate
4. Use just enough reagent to cover a sample
5. Observe color change for up to 3 minutes
6. Compare result of the test with the expected result (step 2)

Find detailed instructions inside the Kit.


Learn to use the test kit correctly by watching this video. Follow all steps and instructions carefully to avoid drawing false conclusions. Additionally find the instructions in the box itself: