Through countless raves, we have cultivated a deep passion for enhancing our post-party recoveries. Since 2023, we are on a mission to combat post-rave comedowns and improve general wellness for all ravers!



Growing up in Belgium, Floris's musical journey began with the iconic beats of Bonzai Records. After briefly trying out mixing minimal techno and tech house, he realized his true calling was on the dancefloor. Events like I Love Techno and the 2009 and 2010 Tomorrowland editions solidified his passion for raving. The renowned Kompass Klub in his hometown Ghent further deepened his love for the underground scene.

However, life took an unexpected turn when a serious sports injury led to the removal of his spleen. This setback prompted Floris to completely re-evaluate his raving experience. Through tireless experimentation with nutrition and hydration, he uncovered the secrets to raving stronger and longer.

Today, with Boomerang he is on a mission to promote harm reduction and self-care within the rave community, all while keeping the party rolling! Floris loves to get lost in deep sound, but usually prefers it a notch harder. Some of his favorite artists at the moment are KI/KI, Azyr, Clara Cuvé and Daria Kolosova.


Hailing from the Netherlands and nurtured in France, Willem traces his musical evolution from classical conservatory training to the world of electronic beats. Dutch gabber, trance, and French Touch guided him to his deep-rooted affection for techno.

His life's rhythm, alternating between Paris, NYC, and London, alongside demanding jobs, left little room for raves. Recoveries proved challenging. However, a friend's festival tragedy prompted him to blend his research-driven health approach with a concern for ravers and to directly address the situation.

This resolve led him to Lisbon, where he met Floris and together they embarked on a journey to promote harm reduction and well-being in the techno scene. Maurits is currently obsessed with DJs such as Parfait, Fjaak, and Faster Horses among countless others.


Hailing from Ukraine with deep Indian roots, Elvin discovered his passion for music early on, learning piano and drums as a child before diving into the world of music production. His musical journey has been eclectic, traversing hip-hop, trance, dubstep, and metal, shaping a versatile and rich auditory palette.

Elvin's move to Lisbon was transformative, immersing him in the vibrant psytrance and techno raving scene where he crossed paths with Floris. This new chapter in his life, and a shared vision with Floris, fueled his desire to merge his health-conscious approach with the high-energy demands of the raving lifestyle, recognizing the need for balance and well-being among fellow ravers and upcoming artists.

Elvin treats his ears with artists such as Cekta, Raxeller, Klangkuenstler, and KI/KI.


Being a techno lover and a healthy living advocate, Nuria is excited to contribute to a brand that values both wellness and rave culture. She's eager to collaborate with artists and organizers to bring Boomerang to dancefloors everywhere, because  it’s undeniably important to promote faster post-rave recovery in the techno community.

Current favorite artists: 
Slime Coca, Gostwork, Cekta and Sorenga.